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We produce and market Californian Red Worm Humus.

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Red Californian Worm Humus

About Us.

We are a Colombian company dedicated to produce and distribute Red Californian Worm Humus.

Our Mission.

Offer to our customers an optimum product with excellent performance; providing support on the assembly and development of worm composting, encouraging the development of organic agriculture.

Our Vision.

To be one of the most important companies in the Colombian Caribbean Region producing and distributing humus and worm composting products (such as breeding ground, worm meat, liquid humus, etc.); in order to obtain a green business certification to be able to export our product to other countries

Our Products



NUTRILAND is a chemical-free "Bio-fertilizer" that is obtained through a 100% natural process, transforming organic matter into a balanced compound called “worm compost".

The Red Californian Worm compost is a neutral pH, dark brown color and odorless product that has the great ability to restore life and fertility to the soil, stimulates the plant immune system and promotes the absorption of nutrients from the roots.

The Eisenia Foetida Worm (Red Californian Worm) is the machinery used to perform the wonderful task of transforming organic matter into worm compost.



Sale of breeding ground, excellent quality Red Californian Worm, adapted to the environment.

Sale of solid and liquid worm fertilizers.

Advice and technical assistance in the set up of worm composting entrepreneurships.

To Regional Environmental Corporations and Territorial Bodies in Worm Composting Community Projects and Solid Waste Management.

In the set up of worm composting projects for manure management, improvement of pastures, production and commercialization of worm compost.

100% Organic and Ecological.

Earthworm humus?

Earthworm humus is a natural, 100% organic and ecological fertilizer, with great benefits. It is produced as a result of earthworm wastes, mixed with organic material arranged for that purpose. The earthworm humus has two great benefits, does not generate bad odors in crops and is not a source of pathogenic organisms, such as viruses or bacteria.

More comfortable.


In addition, humus is a odorless fertilizer: it does not smell like manure, it only has a smell of moist earth, like the one you can find among the undergrowth. Therefore, it is particularly suitable in a context of urban garden or cultivation on the balcony, where it would be difficult to store and use products that generate unpleasant odors.

More Natural.

Recovering intoxicated soils

The effect of the earthworm humus is surprising, it makes the soil lighter and softer and therefore easier to work, on the one hand reducing the effort of the horticulturist in the different jobs and on the other hand facilitating the life of the plants that They can take root easier and deeper.

Humus Application Instructions

Step #1

Fallow or loosen the soil to the depth required by the crop to be sown.

Step #2

Water the surface a little to moisten the soil.

Step #3

Distribute the humus evenly over the ground surface.


Step #4

Water a little again, in sufficient quantity to moisten the distributed humus.

Step #5

In the post-sowing period it should be watered according to the needs of the type of plant or crop.

Step #6

Water freely, but regularly, throughout the pre-sowing period.

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How much Humus should be put in plants?

Pastures and Forages

Apply 300g per square meter and repeat the application every 3 months.

Annual Plants

Apply 550g and repeat the application every 6 months.

Bulbous plants and tubers

Apply 220g every year.

Forest Type Trees

Apply 750g and repeat the application every six months.

Perennial Garden Plants

Apply 110g per plant, repeat the application at 4 months and then once a year.

Potted Plants

Apply 220g every year.

Fruit trees

Apply 750 g. around the roots and repeat the application at 4 months.

Fruit trees

Apply a third treatment at 4 months of the previous one and then every six months.

Organic Humus

Although humus is an organic conditioner and can be applied without prejudice in any period, it is preferable to apply after harvest and before flowering.

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